ABM Workflow Optimization Solutions
Improve Your Process and ABM ROI

Addapptation provides ABM solutions to enhance your ABM processes. We optimize your current technologies with point solutions that improves your workflow and yeilds better results with your ABM strategy.
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You Have Intent Data...
Now What?

Are you using your intent data as a competitive advantage for your business or are you missing game changing intent signals? Book a demo with us to find hidden signals within your data that turn into identified opportunities.

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Your Full Funnel
ABM Workflow Solutions

From predictive account targeting to bespoke ABM programs,
we support your ABM process wherever it breaks down.

Opportunity Creation
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Opportunity Win Rates
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Target Account Engagement
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Sales Cycle Reduction
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ABM Workflow Automation

Target your in-market accounts with extreme precision by aggregating your 1st and 3rd party data connecting your intent signals in one place.

We use dynamic target account lists to qualify and prioritize accounts in each ABM stage from acquisition to expansion.

Then track and analyze which intent signals are performing using intent data attribution so you know which signals are your strongest.

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Bespoke Growth Programs

Create bespoke growth solutions and never suffer from growth tactic fatigue. Our personalized growth plays engage your prospects and customers in unique and exciting ways so your outreach is never ignored!

We support marketing, sales, and success teams so they never waste their time on stale engagement tactics.

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ABM Performance solutions

Create dynamic scorecards and reports that pulls together all of your disparate data. We measure your entire ABM process and help you determine and improve the ROI of your ABM efforts.

Once connected, track and analyze which the metrics you want to measure so you can see historical data and  forecast future results.

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Want to Skip the Demo? Connect
Salesforce Now and Get Started

All of your Salesforce data is kept within your Salesforce database and we do not store any of your data on our servers.

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